Looking for an Internship/Placement.

Well, after nearly a year, YES A WHOLE YEAR, of looking for a marketing Internship or placement which I have to do as part of my University degree, here I am still somehow jobless. I have had interviews from the worlds most successful company (Apple) to a luxury fashion companies (Matchesfashion) to designers (ERDEM). Yet, I just still can’t seem to grasp the concept of nailing an interview in order to finally get a placement. 2017 has been a complete shitshow already, it has been probably the worst year I have had academically in a while, my laptop has broken twice costing me an insane amount of money and I feel like my mental stability is gone with the wind. If you know anyone who is looking for a marketing/communications/PR Intern (Preferably in London) , hit me up at Adeola-Bridget@hotmail.co.uk or comment below.