What would I wear to Vegas?

As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to visit America and for my 21st Birthday – I think there would be no place better than Las Vegas. With all the casino’s, clubs and shows , I’d never be stuck inside doing nothing. So many people I follow on social media (e.g Gigi Gorgeous and Lauren Elizabeth) have gone to Las Vegas and made it look like the best place ever! I logged on to the Vegas.com website, where I saw an AMAZING range of hotels (Especially great if you are interested in learning about the hotels and getting some insider tips! )– there is something for everyone! But the one in particular caught my eye. The cosmopolitan hotel– with its breath-taking views and amazing views, its like heaven rolled up into one place. I also loved the Flamingo hotel– it looks so extravagant with all the bright lights out front and the inside looks amazing too!

Below I have linked what I would wear if I was in Vegas for a birthday or something.




How amazing this playsuit – I literally love AQAQ for anything dressy cause its edgy and they have an amazing colour palette as well. The shoes are also so in style at the minute as well as being on sale which just makes it that much better. I was originally going to include a clutch but I think this outfit looks amazing without one to be honest, so I just decided to not include one!

To take a further look at the hotels or to book your stay in Las Vegas log on to Vegas.com!

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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