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Hi Guys!

So I was recently contacted by Dresslink to be sent a few items to review for you guys – after browsing the website I noticed that there was a lot of items in the style misguided,daisy street and pretty little things but for wayyyyy cheaper.If you are on a budget , I’d definitely  recommend this website to you ,plus things run out super quick so order it as soon as you see it! I personally got two items which came up to UNDER £10! SO CHEAP RIGHT?! I literally spend like £10 on travel into London so you could imagine the shock on my face when I saw how cheap clothes were here! Moving on to what I actually bought – I got this amazing two piece for £4.86( BARGAIN OR WHAT?) and this even more amazing bikini (which came around at the right time as Im moving closer to a beach) for only £4.71 – guys, it does not get much better than this, YOU HAVE TO ORDER FROM THEM NOW!

Plus they currently have a $0.01 sale on items now- that is less than 1p – all you do is pay for shipping! If you want to be stylish on a budget then this is your salvation!

Thank you to dress link for sending me these items!