Five most fashionable films

What a title!

So I was thinking of what post I could put up today, then my friend who recently got braids was wearing a beret and saying how she felt like she looked like Dionne from Clueless as well as Poetic Justice, and it got me to thinking – what are my top five most fashionable moments in film and well, here they are!

1) Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I first watched this film earlier on in the year and I was in awe of Holly’s (Audrey Hepburn) wardrobe – She looks so effortlessly chic throughout the whole film , no wonder its so iconic!

2) Clueless

Only a small amount of films can stay relevant for so long and even a smaller amount can be so iconic for its fashion during a time where butterfly clips and toe rings were so popular – however, Clueless definitely defeated the odds , inspiring people to wear plaid suits and overalls once again!

3)Sex and the City

Love Carrie or not, there is a number outfits than she can pull off that no one else has been able to in my opinion. For me that stand outfits have to be her blue dress at her party for Charlotte and the wedding dresses she wore were just amazing- if only I could live her life.

4)The Birds

When I told my mum we were studying The Birds for film studies, she immediately remembered the all-green ensemble that Tippi Hedren wore for most of the duration of the film. I actually loved the way women used to dress in the 50s/60s – they used to get dressed up to go everywhere and although I do love jeans, there is something endearing about always looking like you just stepped off your own private jet.

5) Vertigo

Another Hitchcock film, this time with Kim Novak rather than Tipi Hedren. But for the most part – she looks absolutely stunning in this film- the long flowy skirts and square neck line just make the green with envy. The class that costumes exudes is simply amazing. Just look at the pictures and tell me for yourself!

Sorry this post is up late, but I hope you enjoyed it! You can follow me on Twitter here! 


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