TV show of the moment : True Detective

So, I recorded the season 2 premiere of True Detective earlier on today and although it does seem slow, I do have high hopes. I have tried to watch Season 1, but I wasn’t really concentrating when I was watching it , so it kind of flew over my head. But, I do have massive respect for Matthew Mcconaughey and Woody Harrelson , so I will totally try to watch it again! True Detective is on Mondays at 9 on Sky Atlantic in the UK – if you are into The Blacklist,Criminal Minds that sort of program definitely watch it! Plus , season one and season 2 contain completely different story lines and characters so you do not have to watch season 1 to watch season 2 and vice versa. (P.S Season 2 is apparently a lot worse than season 2 which sucks)(P.S.S I am obsessed with Devious Maids which my friend told me to watch – if you like Ugly Betty, Jane the virgin, Desperate Housewives , that sort of thing WATCH IT!

Sorry this is so short, hope you enjoyed!

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What is on my ASOS wishlist?

In a bid to make my blog posts more often, I am starting my new range of blogposts a week earlier than mentioned. As I said before, Wednesdays will be What,Where,Wish, which will consist of what I wore, where I went , wish-lists and maybe in the future more things- hope you enjoy this new segment of my blog!

Shoes of the week (maybe even the month?!)

So I came across these shoes on The Blonde Salad’s (Chiara Ferragni)’s instagram. I fell in love. Im not totally a shoe girl, but I think that I may be becoming one. I NEED THESE FOR SUMMER. But, I cannot afford Chanel’s prices, however, what I can afford is forever 21 who have a beautiful dupe for these shoes and one that is most certainly affordable. If you, like me, are in love with these -snap up the F21 dupes, better yet, if you can afford it- go for the Chanel ones!

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Hope you loved this blog post! Sorry it was short, I have exams till next week! and don’t forget to share – thanks!