Blogger of the week: Leandra Medine

I am pretty sure everyone has heard of the blog,Man Repeller and if there is anything better than the blog itself; it has to be the founder, Leandra. Honestly, I have an A-Level tomorrow, one which I am resitting at that; but I just cannot stop watching videos of her or reading articles about her. She is super chilled,funny and so pretty; there is literally nothing to hate about her. Although I personally wouldn’t wear some of the stuff she wears, she certainly rocks it. Follow her blog here, the Instagram for her blog here and her personal Instagram here.

Hope you enjoyed! Sorry this was a short post, I am currently in the middle of exam season and totally stressing out! and if you/your product/someone you know would like to be featured on a moment monday post, you can email me or comment below! You can be a really small blog or a really blog,I am totally open to anything as long as I am into it! 

GUYS! Do not forget to follow me on my personal instagram , my blog instagram and my twitter!  Also do not forget to share this post with your friends and whatnot, I really appreciate it !


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