5 top swimsuits for summer!

These are my picks for SS15 Bikini/Swimsuits,hope you like this post!

Embroided Bikini

(Also featured in my Summer Wishlist post)

This Bikini from Topshop, embodies the theme of the MET gala this year. The embroidery on the bikini top add the right amount of attention to what is simply a black bikini.

Triangl Multicoloured Bikini

These bikini’s have gone absolutely viral , most people have a real one, or one inspired by it. In all honestly, they are beautiful and the colours are just amazing which works in favour for all skin tones. However, they are not the cheapest but they are certainly worth it!

Red Swimsuit

This simple swimsuit from American Apparel reminds me of Baywatch and although simple it is stunning! As the american flag one below.

American Flag Swimsuit

Mara Hoffman Bikini Collection

I couldn’t find the actual bikini for this as I think it was part of SS14, however, this seasons bikinis have been released on Net-A-Porter, so you can check those out if you wanted to!

Hope you enjoyed this post and check out my other posts too!


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