Blogger of the week: Leandra Medine

I am pretty sure everyone has heard of the blog,Man Repeller and if there is anything better than the blog itself; it has to be the founder, Leandra. Honestly, I have an A-Level tomorrow, one which I am resitting at that; but I just cannot stop watching videos of her or reading articles about her. She is super chilled,funny and so pretty; there is literally nothing to hate about her. Although I personally wouldn’t wear some of the stuff she wears, she certainly rocks it. Follow her blog here, the Instagram for her blog here and her personal Instagram here.

Hope you enjoyed! Sorry this was a short post, I am currently in the middle of exam season and totally stressing out! and if you/your product/someone you know would like to be featured on a moment monday post, you can email me or comment below! You can be a really small blog or a really blog,I am totally open to anything as long as I am into it! 

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The best MET gala looks

So this is totally late, I know but as I have an exam on thursday I haven’t really had time to be looking into what is really ‘in’ at the moment. But; I have had a chance to look at what looks I loved at the MET Gala. For me; the best two looks were definitely Rihanna and Zendaya; yes, Rihanna had a lot of Memes created about her as a result of the massive trail of yellow that followed, but I personally loved it. It was beautiful and it is kind of irritating that people looked past the beauty of what she wore and instead concentrated on making fun of her. However; being Rihanna, she simply played it off , which is a big reason why I love her. Moving on to Zendaya, at the age of 18; I only wish I could have as much style and sass as her, I mean her dress was absolutely beautiful. I will not lie, I had never heard of Fausto Puglisi prior to the MET gala, but I certainly think he will be a household name thereafter as will the woman who designed Rihanna’s coat, Guo Pei. In addition to Zendaya and Rihanna, I also loved Selena Gomez’ dress.The flowers in her hair which gave her look an organic feel which is always refreshing at such a glamorous event. I also loved Kendall Jenner who as usual looked beautiful in her Calvin Klein dress, as did Chiara Ferragni who wore somthing with a similar material, also by Calvin Klein. Miranda Kerr also looked stunning her Louis Vuitton dress; though it was one of the simpler looks as was Chiaras and Kendall’s, it definitely worked. Gigi Hadid looked absolutely beautiful in Diane Von Furstenburg, the detailing on the bodice looked lovely as did the thigh slit. Emily Ratajowski managed to wear a dress that is more accessible to the rest of us. Despite being from Topshop, her dress was MET gala worthy. It covered up everything , leaving only a small cut out near her shoulder blade, yet there was still something sensual about her look. The embroidery adds so much to what would’ve been simply a white midi dress. All of these looks definitely embodied the theme for this year which is obviously a plus.

Check out their looks below!

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Exciting News

This will probably be a temporary post, but as of June 10th my blog will change significantly. I will be carrying on with moment mondays every monday but now on wednesdays, I will have who what wear when wish, which will be a post on who wore what, what is in my makeup bag/handbag, a wishlist etc. Fridays will continue to be five thing fridays but I may change that to a fortnightly post. I am also really thinking of posting OOTD’s as I will be out a lot more hopefully. Honestly, half of my wardrobe still has tags and I am really hoping to change this! Tell me your opinions, what I should do, What I shouldn’t do– should I have OOTDs on my instagram only or on my blog? Do you want to see hauls? I am trying not to be a ‘typical fashion blogger’ but if thats what my reader prefer, who am I to argue ? I’d really appreciate your views!

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5 top swimsuits for summer!

These are my picks for SS15 Bikini/Swimsuits,hope you like this post!

Embroided Bikini

(Also featured in my Summer Wishlist post)

This Bikini from Topshop, embodies the theme of the MET gala this year. The embroidery on the bikini top add the right amount of attention to what is simply a black bikini.

Triangl Multicoloured Bikini

These bikini’s have gone absolutely viral , most people have a real one, or one inspired by it. In all honestly, they are beautiful and the colours are just amazing which works in favour for all skin tones. However, they are not the cheapest but they are certainly worth it!

Red Swimsuit

This simple swimsuit from American Apparel reminds me of Baywatch and although simple it is stunning! As the american flag one below.

American Flag Swimsuit

Mara Hoffman Bikini Collection

I couldn’t find the actual bikini for this as I think it was part of SS14, however, this seasons bikinis have been released on Net-A-Porter, so you can check those out if you wanted to!

Hope you enjoyed this post and check out my other posts too!

Shoes of the moment : Zara Trainers

Oh my God, when I saw these shoes I was bit unsure of myself but as I started to envision the outfits I could wear this with I became certain that they must be my next purchase. Now, don’t get me wrong between my phone contract and car insurance and whatnot , it could be a while before I actually buy these but if they start to run out, the overdraft may just be worth it. In my opinion, unbranded trainers are a newly accepted thing as before they were associated with Shoe Zone and Primark, but people have put those views aside. These are evidently Dior trainer knock offs but WHO CARES?! Grab these before they run out and they are A STEAL at £50!!

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