App/website of the moment: Duolingo

As I am taking a gap year, I decided to use this time to make myself more employable and learn a language! Duolingo is a free app/website that allows you to do so and honestly it is only getting better. When I first downloaded it; there was about 5, maybe 6 languages and now they have 10 languages with 5 more coming soon(including Klingon!!). As I done Italian in school for about 5 years (but I wasn’t fluent) I felt this would be a good starting point, along with this I decided to learn German too. I find that if you do it daily, it really helps whilst if you do it more like every other day you get out of the habit of it( Like I have sometimes). Honestly learning a language can never be something bad as it makes you more employable and easier to assimiliate yourself into other cultures. So if you are interested in doing so – Download the Duolingo app here or go on the web version here!

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