Blogger/(career woman) of the moment: Fiona Zanetti

To a lot of you , especially those who are big on bloggers , the name Fiona Zanetti will probably sound familiar or you will definitely know who she is, whilst with others the chances you have heard of her are quite slim. However, Fiona herself is not a blogger per se, but her best friend Kristina Bazan(who you can tell I am a big fan of through; here and her pictures on here) is.Fiona is in fact the community manager for Kayture in addition to being a contributor. Honestly, at the minute, Fiona is living a life i could only ever dream of . She works with her best friend whilst having job that she actually seems to enjoy. PLUS, she gets to go to all the amazing events with Kristina, whats to complain about?

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8 thoughts on “Blogger/(career woman) of the moment: Fiona Zanetti

  1. Lauriane says:

    Unfortunely, I know her because week-end were in school together and I can say that she isn’t a nice person. She’s very selfish and hypocrite.


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