Five websites you should keep bookmarked

1.The Everygirl

If you are career driven , or even just need the motivation this is the website for you. In addition to having segments on the usual stuff like fashion , make-up etc. This website also has segments about career women and ‘GirlBosses’ explaining what they done to reach the position they are now in. It also has a segment on money and finance, suggesting ways to spend your money in better ways in order for you to save more and spend less. There is literally nothing at fault on this website – it literally has everything you could ever want in one place.


Well, need I say more. If there is one reason why I am on a gap year resitting some modules, I will not lie – it is because of Netflix , so do manage your time whilst you’re on it but thats not say don’t enjoy yourself either.

3.Revise or Die

Revise or Die is a tumblr account by a girl named Emily, and honestly – it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve seen. Emily is an artist but uses her artistic abilities to create these amazing revision notes- as I am on a gap year and not doing 3/4 A-Levels but rather a few modules from one not everything applies to me. But if you are at GCSE/A-Level level and stuck in a revision rut this is a website you definitely want to keep an eye out for.

4.Who What Wear

Who What Wear is kind of like an online magazine , but at it’s very best. It literally has everything fashion related that you would wish for – they also send out a daily newsletter which you can subscribe to, which helps if you are not on a laptop/computer very often. If you are into Vogue,Elle – that type of magazine, you’ll love this website.


I don’t why, but I have the weirdest obsession with BuzzFeed, I think it’s because I am obsessed with general knowledge and this is everything I crave in one place. At least once everyday I take their quizzes, which are actually really weird but I love them so much for some unknown reason (omg I’m such a loner help me) Anyway, if their is anything better than their website its their YouTube channel.Enjoy!

*P.S – sorry there are no pictures, I didn’t really know what pictures to put?! 

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