Celebrity of the moment: Arielle Vandenberg

So my latest obsession is Arielle Vandenberg. Not only is she super funny as you can see through her Vines here. But she also has a super chill dress sense – despite onlyhaving really basic pieces she knows how to style them so well! Obviously because of this – you can dress her like her for super cheap which helps a lot. Her wardrobe mainly consists of white t-shirts,black t-shirts,striped t-shirts, jeans, black booties, converse, dungarees, T-shirts with different coloured piping ,plaid shirts, a biker jacket and finally plain white button up shirts. All of these things can be found at a range of stores for a range of prices from Ebay to Topshop so shop according to what you can afford!

Enjoy! and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and BlogLovin!


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