Celebrity of the moment – Nicole Richie

Really, this should have been expected based on my post on the foster sisters last week. She happens to be the best friend of Erin Foster and it would be totally unfair to say that these two must be the best dressed pair of friends on the planet. Whilst Erin has a more laid-back but stylish vibe – Nicole has a coachella vibe and it totally works especially with her purple hair! – like Erin, Nicole has a parody type reality show which is actually really funny- she literally makes me want to be in my late 20s now , she just seems to take life with a pinch of salt and she’s also so sarcastic its amazing. It is an online one and therefore it can be watched on YouTube here!

*I am still on season one, not season 2 and she has now changed her hair to blue.

**So I know this is super lazy but these websites literally have everything she wears. Thank me later – Steal her style & Nicole Richie Fashion

I know this is a short blogpost but I am trying to make it less wordy(?) and have more pictures.

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