Celebriti(es) of the moment: Sara and Erin Foster

So I started watching Barely Famous which is being shown on VH1 and can I just say – I would kill to be these two! Their dad is legendary music producer – David Foster. But that is not how I actually know them, I initially remembered Sara as Naomi Clark’s sister from 90210 which is the reason why I actually tuned in, and then I remembered Erin from Nicole Ritchie’s Candidly Nicole. This show is most definitely a must-watch, not only is it funny but both sisters have AMAZING style – like very underrated style. In the promo you literally see their style from really dressed up to super casual, so there is literally inspiration for everyone to take. Since the show is only half an hour , it is even accessible for those who are really busy and barely have time for anything. It airs on Wednesday’s in the US but as I live in the UK, I watch it on thursday morning. Below is some inspiration/clothes from their promo and pilot.

*Please click on the pictures to see them full size and in more detail.

Click here to watch episode 1!

Steal their style

Sara-1st outfit.

ShirtShorts, Belt

Sara-2nd Outfit

Two Piece

Erin-1st outfit (I could not FOR THE LIFE OF ME find the exact top,sorry:()

Jeans, New Look Top, Zara Top

Erin 2nd outfit

Overalls, Jumper

Erin’s 3rd outfit


Erin’s 4th outfit


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