Wordpress #2
Hi guys!
So today, I literally just went to IKEA and Costco in Lakeside with my mum and kind of liked my outfit so I decided to blog it- the reason why I will probably stick with this format of showing my outfits of polyvore instead of on myself is because I personally don’t think the way the clothes look on me should make anyone else think they shouldn’t wear it because I am bigger, smaller, taller or shorter than them. If you would rather see the clothes on my body, I will take it into consideration but for now , I actually like this format. To add to the previous note, these are not the exact things I wore but the most similar things to them as the shirt(originally from Topman) ,shoes (from Zara) and necklace (from Miss Selfridge) I wore were on sale when I bought them. The leather jacket was from H&M but I bought it last year so they no longer sell it and the jeans were DIY’d. To be honest these are items that you can easily find anywhere so don’t feel forced to get these ones as some of them are ridiculously overpriced. Anyway new post tomorrow – another celebrity of the moment and this one is extra special as it is a duo! Try and have a guess at who they are!
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