Steal Her Style – Rihanna

As a follow up from the last post – I’ve decided to do a steal her style dedicated to the one and only-Rihanna!

I know that most people don’t have £10,000/$10,000 spare to spend on clothes – but some of us do have a spare hundred and what’s better than having Rihanna’s clothes for much cheaper – I’ll tell you what, NOTHING.


Pink suit and fur


Sorry, I have to link these items here as I am still working out how to link images in a gallery. (If you know how to do so, comment below please!) You can wear either the jumpsuit or the bodysuit and trousers, I think both will look fine.

ASOS jumpsuit **ON SALE

Pink fur scarf

Missguided Blazer 

Missguided Trouser

American Apparel body suit

ASOS nude pumps 

Missguided Nude Pumps

Polo dress and cardigan

This one was a bit harder to find, I couldn’t find the exact colour Rihanna had and you would have to DIY a bit with sewing on bows but I would imagine it is a lot cheaper than her one which is great.

Rihanna Promotes Her New Animated Feature

American Apparel polo shirt dress  ** ON SALE

H&M basic cardigan

Scallop white suit


Missguided scallop jacket ** ON SALE

Topshop flats

ASOS crop top

Boohoo scallop skirt

I know some of these only slightly look like what Rihanna was wearing but I tried my best! Any suggestions, comment down below with a link to a picture and the celebrity.

Thanks for reading!

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