Travel diaries:Disneyland Paris – Part 1

In a bid to make my blog more personal, I wanted to start a travelling diary – this will consist of places I’ve already been and places I will go to.I wanted to start off with my most recent holiday which was to nowhere but the place where dreams come true, DisneyLand Paris!

To say I am obsessed with Disney is understatement – despite having never visited the american one, I have visited the French one a whopping 5 times – a lot of this being due to to the fact that my dad works in transport meaning that I can get a return ticket on the EuroStar straight to Disney for £40.

The other times I went to DisneyLand I was ranging from ages 5 to 13 meaning that I was still in my childish phase but having being 18 when I last visited it is safe to say as much as I wanted to love it as much as I did all the other times – I simply didn’t. You can clearly see the downfall in maintenance across the park and so and so forth – the other times that I had visited the park there were live shows – even a mini Lion King musical show and a Tarzan one but this year none of that was there at all. I found it quite disheartening because the little shows like that really did make going there memorable and enjoyable. However, on a better note the rides are better than ever- especially in the Walt Disney Studios park. But lets begin with the main park that is the DisneyLand park. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and I simply cannot get enough of the castle that you can instantly see as soon as you come in- it is so iconic , as soon as you see it you just know where its from. The shops running down the sides of the street as you walk there simply smell like candyfloss, popcorn and heaven. They also have so much to buy! As I thought I was going to University this year – I managed to buy quite a bit of plates,bowls etc etc etc. which was cool. In my next post i’ll talk about the rides, the walt disney studios, the mall I went to and more!

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Here is a sneaky picture of the midnight show which was Amazeballs!!!!



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