5 of the best things I’ve ever got for £5 and under (in sale of course!)

I know some of these items seems absolutely ridiculous to get at £5, if not under – but believe me, hours of scouring online stores can definitely be rewarding as I found them to be- not to mention, these are the best , not the only things – I have got coats,shorts, skirts and more for £5 if not less. I am considering doing one for £10 and under within the next week so if you are interested comment below and i’ll do one for sure.

1. Topshop cropped Joni Jeans (RRP £36) £5


2.Pins & Needles Lace insert dress (RRP £30?) £5


3.Topshop Furry t-shirt (RRP £28) £3


4.Topshop vintage style swim suit (RRP £36) £5


5.Topshop Boutique Kimono (RRP £48) £5


All together, all these items should have come up to around  £178 but altogether they actually cost me £23 – the price of a top from Topshop – it simply does not get much better than this , they were all brand new to even make it better – these were ordered off the website not eBay. So don’t ever feel like you are spending too much time online shopping – there is really no such thing.


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