Celebrity of the moment : Lily James

Sorry for not uploading a post yesterday, but as it was my cousins baby naming ceremony- I was pretty much busy the whole day. But anyway moving past my excuses – I have decided to introduce a new segment to my blog! Moment Mondays where I will basically saying/showing you what I have been obsessed with in that moment (this is not to say that these types of post will only ever be on a Monday) and my first post will be about none other than the real life cinderella (well, actress playing her) – Lily James!


Unlike many other’s I don’t actually watch Downton Abbey ,so I had never heard of her until very recently. I didn’t actually first come across her as Cinderella to be honest, but rather when I saw her on the front of the ASOS magazine. From there I just decided to check out her Instagram page and I became OBSESSED- she is so pretty! and the Elie Saab dress she wore to the cinderella premiere is literally to die for. Her style in general is also amazing, I literally cannot fault her – she seems like such a light hearted person as well which is always a plus so definitely check her out.

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