High street’s top five : Boho dresses


I’m not really one to follow trends – but I have noticed an increase the amount of ‘boho-chic’ dresses in high street stores and thought I’d do a feature on them – the dresses differ in price range so buy in accordance with what you can afford!. Enjoy and comment which your favourite is.(all links are below)

1. Mango – £34.99 

2.Topshop – £95.00


4.H and M-£12.99


Personally number 3 and 5 are my favourites and I’m definitely considering investing in them in the near future. Zara just do everything right – and their prices just make everything better. It’s like runway fashion for high street prices. As for the ASOS dress I just love the off shoulder detailing along with the bell sleeves, it reminds me of Cartia Mallan (Australian Youtuber), who dresses very boho and hippie and it totally looks amazing on her. I do love all the other dresses as well though – remember to comment your favourite and also follow me on bloglovin! 


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