Celebrity of the moment – Nicole Richie

Really, this should have been expected based on my post on the foster sisters last week. She happens to be the best friend of Erin Foster and it would be totally unfair to say that these two must be the best dressed pair of friends on the planet. Whilst Erin has a more laid-back but stylish vibe – Nicole has a coachella vibe and it totally works especially with her purple hair! – like Erin, Nicole has a parody type reality show which is actually really funny- she literally makes me want to be in my late 20s now , she just seems to take life with a pinch of salt and she’s also so sarcastic its amazing. It is an online one and therefore it can be watched on YouTube here!

*I am still on season one, not season 2 and she has now changed her hair to blue.

**So I know this is super lazy but these websites literally have everything she wears. Thank me later – Steal her style & Nicole Richie Fashion

I know this is a short blogpost but I am trying to make it less wordy(?) and have more pictures.

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I’m sorry

So to be totally honest I have neglected my blog over the last week or so – I don’t if I’m just feeling unmotivated or what the problem is but that will definitely not be the case this week. I am hoping to have a schedule consisting of ‘Moment Mondays’ which are proving to be so popular and they will consist of a celebrity and stealing their style maybe? sometimes? Wednesdays will be travel diaries(for now) coming up for that will be – Disneyland Paris,Prague,Spain,maybe Belgium? and Fridays will be five thing fridays which is what I actually started my blog on so thats cool – all other days may have a point and may not. But – I am so up for doing this properly again!

Celebriti(es) of the moment: Sara and Erin Foster

So I started watching Barely Famous which is being shown on VH1 and can I just say – I would kill to be these two! Their dad is legendary music producer – David Foster. But that is not how I actually know them, I initially remembered Sara as Naomi Clark’s sister from 90210 which is the reason why I actually tuned in, and then I remembered Erin from Nicole Ritchie’s Candidly Nicole. This show is most definitely a must-watch, not only is it funny but both sisters have AMAZING style – like very underrated style. In the promo you literally see their style from really dressed up to super casual, so there is literally inspiration for everyone to take. Since the show is only half an hour , it is even accessible for those who are really busy and barely have time for anything. It airs on Wednesday’s in the US but as I live in the UK, I watch it on thursday morning. Below is some inspiration/clothes from their promo and pilot.

*Please click on the pictures to see them full size and in more detail.

Click here to watch episode 1!

Steal their style

Sara-1st outfit.

ShirtShorts, Belt

Sara-2nd Outfit

Two Piece

Erin-1st outfit (I could not FOR THE LIFE OF ME find the exact top,sorry:()

Jeans, New Look Top, Zara Top

Erin 2nd outfit

Overalls, Jumper

Erin’s 3rd outfit


Erin’s 4th outfit


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Wordpress #2
Hi guys!
So today, I literally just went to IKEA and Costco in Lakeside with my mum and kind of liked my outfit so I decided to blog it- the reason why I will probably stick with this format of showing my outfits of polyvore instead of on myself is because I personally don’t think the way the clothes look on me should make anyone else think they shouldn’t wear it because I am bigger, smaller, taller or shorter than them. If you would rather see the clothes on my body, I will take it into consideration but for now , I actually like this format. To add to the previous note, these are not the exact things I wore but the most similar things to them as the shirt(originally from Topman) ,shoes (from Zara) and necklace (from Miss Selfridge) I wore were on sale when I bought them. The leather jacket was from H&M but I bought it last year so they no longer sell it and the jeans were DIY’d. To be honest these are items that you can easily find anywhere so don’t feel forced to get these ones as some of them are ridiculously overpriced. Anyway new post tomorrow – another celebrity of the moment and this one is extra special as it is a duo! Try and have a guess at who they are!
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Haul #1

Avocadoseeds haul #1

ASOS crop tee
£14 – asos.com

H&M women’s jeans
£19.99 – hm.com

Zara bootie boots
£5.99 – zara.com

Topshop navy patent leather shoes
Here is a superquick haul of what I bought recently- to be totally honest, I have bought other stuff but they were boring basic stuff like ballet flats for work and black jeans. However, these were the more interesting things. The Zara boots and the Topshop loafers unfortunatley are unavailable as I got them on clearance – but I am sure there are alternatives, or someone out there is selling them on EBay or Depop. Expect a new haul next week as I get paid- Yay!
Hope you enjoy!
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Festival Wishlist!

I, for one cannot see myself attending any overnight festivals soon (the thought of V festival makes me want to be sick) but I do love festival fashion. Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella last year was literally perfection. She look AMAZING! That style just suits her so well – I am sure that festival fashion will be a big thing this summer with the 70s vibes, Flares, Florals, Wedges, Heeled Booties and more. To make things even betterH&M are now doing a collection – H&MxCoachella which is being released on the 19th March in the US and the 26th March elsewhere. In addition to this, Australian fashion and stores seem to be getting more popular in England – a breathing example of someone who dresses like they are always at a festival but look fabulous whilst doing so, is Australian YouTuber Cartia Mallan. Her vlogs just make me want to pack my bags and move to Australia right now. Moving on, here is a wishlist for what I would take if I were going to a festival/for festival fashion this summer.


Jones Bootmaker Blip backpack– £59

Topshop flower headband – £18

Navy Converse – £45

ASOS round sunglasses – £12

ASOS cat sunglasses – £15

River Island halter neck crop top – £9.50 ** ON SALE

Kiss the Sky off-shoulder dress– £38

ASOS sandals-£35

ASOS vintage dress– £45

Kiss the sky vintage dress – £38

ASOS jersey flares– £25

ASOS cold shoulder embroided top -£16 ** ON SALE

Birkenstock sandals – £55

Barbour wellington boots– £70

Kiss the sky blanket cape-£68

Surf Gypsy tie dye playsuit– £38

ASOS off shoulder swing dress – £20

Steal Her Style – Rihanna

As a follow up from the last post – I’ve decided to do a steal her style dedicated to the one and only-Rihanna!

I know that most people don’t have £10,000/$10,000 spare to spend on clothes – but some of us do have a spare hundred and what’s better than having Rihanna’s clothes for much cheaper – I’ll tell you what, NOTHING.


Pink suit and fur


Sorry, I have to link these items here as I am still working out how to link images in a gallery. (If you know how to do so, comment below please!) You can wear either the jumpsuit or the bodysuit and trousers, I think both will look fine.

ASOS jumpsuit **ON SALE

Pink fur scarf

Missguided Blazer 

Missguided Trouser

American Apparel body suit

ASOS nude pumps 

Missguided Nude Pumps

Polo dress and cardigan

This one was a bit harder to find, I couldn’t find the exact colour Rihanna had and you would have to DIY a bit with sewing on bows but I would imagine it is a lot cheaper than her one which is great.

Rihanna Promotes Her New Animated Feature

American Apparel polo shirt dress  ** ON SALE

H&M basic cardigan

Scallop white suit


Missguided scallop jacket ** ON SALE

Topshop flats

ASOS crop top

Boohoo scallop skirt

I know some of these only slightly look like what Rihanna was wearing but I tried my best! Any suggestions, comment down below with a link to a picture and the celebrity.

Thanks for reading!

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