5 Things I currently want.

Unfortunately, I have a really bad habit of often buying things only because they are on sale and although this has resulted in me getting some really good bargains at times, it also means I end up buying stuff that I really do not need/stuff I don’t even really want but I may just happen to wear in the future. I have compiled a list of things that I really want and need that are not particularly expensive but they will definitely be a worthwhile purchase especially for me.

1.Zara quilted backpack
The quilting on this backpack is reminiscent of the classic Chanel flap bag (which I long to buy). The fact that it is quilted and leather but also a large backpack allows this bag to be used in any look. The leather adds some edge, whilst the quilting adds class – in addition to this, the fact that it is a backpack adds a sporty vibe allowing you to comfortable whilst looking ever so stylish. This bag costs £39.99 – a bargain for something that will probably never go out of style and can be used in so many different circumstances – a trip to the airport, a school bag,out to a restaurant friends or maybe just even shopping.

5things i currently 1.

2.Sophia Webster Bow Heels knockoff
I know some people absolutely hate knock offs, but I will put up my hands I say I don’t really care for them. If you cannot afford the real one and you really want to get a bag of the same style that is most certainly up to you. However, in these circumstances I actually cannot get the real Sophia Webster shoes due to the fact that they are actually out of season and therefore they are no more sold – in addition to this, they probably would have been to expensive for me anyway. These shoes are to die for! I currently follow Sophia on Instagram and she is so talented, she’s stepping away from the classic court heels that everywhere seem to be doing now and adding a super girly and kind-of childish vibe to heels (not in a bad way) These shoes can be found all over Ebay and AliExpress but unfortunately as I have the worlds largest feet I have to pay more for them which sucks.


3.Chanel Chance Perfume
I have wanted this perfume for ages, but have never had the money to buyit when it is at its cheapest which is so annoying. I love everything Chanel more or less and I would love for this to be my first Chanel product. The smell is classic and is certainly a step away from my sweet signature sweet smell that is every Britney Spears perfume to ever exist. This perfume smells grown up and classy, two things that I definitely want to embody at the grand age of 19 (LOL). In all seriousness, I really want this perfume as a representation of me trying to change my style from the 18 year old who would wear everything and anything as long as it was comfortable to the 19 year old who takes pride in her appearance at all times, always looking presentable and on point. Another perfume which is like this one which I have taken a particular interest in is the Chloé Love Story perfume which smells like heaven.


4.Topshop Black Joni Jeans
I currently have a pair of New Look black jeans which look absolutely shite on me. They bag around the ankles, the colour has faded and they are apparently high-waisted which is complete and utter bull. They were a very quick buy that I really regret as I know full well that the jeans that suit my body shape the most are in fact the Topshop Joni Jeans. As much as I love the Jamie’s too, my ankles are simply to thin to make them look as nice as they should, making them look more like cigarette pants rather than skinny jeans. At £36, they could be cheaper but Topshop denim has always had a certain je ne sais quoi, that has made them more appealable to me compared to other jeans on the high street.


5.Topshop Striped Front Drape Blouse
If there is anything that I love, it is pieces that I can wear both casually and dressed up and I feel that this top embodies that. The stripes give it a vintage and casual vibe whilst the draping detail dresses it up. The fact that stripes are vertical will make your body look longer and thinner rather than horizontal stripes that will make you look wider. I can see myself wearing this top everywhere and anywhere, to the club with a pair off jeans and court heels or on a quick run to the shops with a pair of leggings and pumps , the possibilities are endless!


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