5 wardrobe essentials

As an avid online shopper (being on a gap year when all of your friends uni’s are out of London along with having a part-time job gives you a lot of money ,resulting in my wardrobe has literally tripling since September.) there are packages at least once a week from TopShop or ASOS. My obsession with online shopping has meant that I have worked out what is worth my money and what isn’t, so that is what I’m going to list!

Skinny Jeans

Who can live without a good pair of skinny Jeans, I have too many in different shades but to be completely honest not all of them work very well. For example as thin ankles run through my family – New Look jeans do not work on my body at all. However, Topshop jeans especially the Joni jeans look amazing along with ASOS Whitby ones. Jeans are a staple in my wardrobe, whilst most girls gravitate towards legging -you’ll barely catch me in them. Jeans for the win!

White Shirt

A good white shirt can do wonders, believe me! I just got a new one from Mango (which is now sold out) in addition to my previous one from Primark, both are different materials the Primark one being cotton and the Mango one being chiffon – however, both are of equal importance and can take an outfit from look super laid back to very put together. One thing I have definitely been trying to change with the way I dress is how laid back I am. I can literally be out of the door in 5 minutes and then 3 hours into my outing I really hate what I’m wearing cause I look either washed out or drowned out ( as most of the clothes I have oversized). However , you can throw on a white shirt, skinnies and converse and you’re good to go!

Leather Jacket

Especially for the months between March and June , a leather Jacket is an absolute essential.As of right now I only own a black one but I am trying to find some in other colours. A leather jacket can make an really girly outfit have a bit of edge along with a pair of black booties. They can also practically go with anything and you can get them in different styles ranging from oversized to cropped which is also a bonus.


Having a few good t-shirts to hand is also of great importance. If you’re quickly running down to the supermarket or to get some food – you cannot go wrong with throwing on a plain t-shirt and practically any bottoms. I have navy,black,white,grey and a striped one all from different brands including ASOS,Gap and Primark and none cost me more than around £7.50 (ASOS being the most expensive and Gap bring the cheapest(on sale)) These aren’t even investment pieces , you can literally pick about 5 up from Primark for under £10 use them till their ripped and buy another 5 -it’s a win win situation!

Plaid Shirt

The return of the plaid shirt for me has just been the best thing ever – as mentioned before many of the clothes I own are oversized which can be unflattering but for the plaid shirt – it just works so much. You can style them so easily! You can tie it around your waist, throw it on top of a dress , on top of a t-shirt and jeans , on top of t-shirt dress- the possibilities are endless and there are so many different styles and colours , barely anyone has the same one! You can get them for super cheap at Primark or maybe even for free from dad’s /uncles/brothers etc wardrobes.


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