5 TV Programmes to watch!

The Blacklist

Starring James Spader, this programme reminds me of a cross between criminal minds and the silence of the lambs. James Spader plays the character, Raymond Reddington with literally the most mesmerising voice ever! From the pilot it is clear to see the similarities between him and Hannibal Lecter. Both are some what of an anti-hero whilst helping out a young and starting out agent.If you havent already started watching,I’d advise you to do so right away. It also starts Megan Boone,Ryan Eggold and other recognisable TV actors but I do feel that Spader carries the whole show.


You must have been living under a rock if you have not heard of this show. Despite being a fictional character, Olivia Pope has definitely left her stamp on both the fashion and career industry. Although her life can be erratic the glamour of her clothes and being her own boss essentially are definitely seen throughout the show.


How To Get Away With Murder

Viola Davis plays lawyer and law lecturer, Annalise Keating who is ruthless but that has evidently got her to where she is. The program follows her and five of her students who have been awarded a place in her law firm. HTGAWM shows the grittier side of law and fictions or not, how the law can easily be bended if you know what to do.

Eye Candy

Eye Candy starts Victoria Justice, a young adult who’s sister gets abducted at the beginning of the first episode. Being a tech genius, she has tried many way to track her down and seems to have excluded herself from socialising and would rather run her website that helps missing people to be found. However, when her friend downloads an app to help her socialise with guys and they end up dead she realises that their deaths and users of the app correlate. The show essentially followers her trying to catch the killer whilst avoiding him herself.

eye candy

Gossip Girl

Every teenage girls dream is to live like Serena Van Der Woodsen, despite her ups and downs she definitely seems to have the most infesting life. So interesting that Gossip Girl takes an inrest particularly on her along with her best friend Blair, Blair’s Boyfriend, Nate, and also her piece on the side and Nate’s best friend Chuck and also the underdog Dan AKA Lonley Boy and his sister Jenny. This program is what you’d expect any same sex school to be like with all the scandal and secrets except it has more. Definitely a must-watch!


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