5 instagrams you definitely want to be following

1.The Blonde Salad- Chiara Ferragni (@ChiaraFerragni)

Need I say more, Chiara is literally the Anna Wintour of blogging – it is so strange how to think a small decision like making a blog has made her so successful. With a whopping 11k pictures and 3.2 million followers, your instagram feed will never be boring whilst your following her as she takes you a different country nearly everyday of the week. Also her has tags are supercute! – #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.49.50

2.Kayture-Kristina Bazan (@Kristina_Bazan)

I actually found Kristina’s blog through her instagram and had been following her for a while before I realised that she actually had a blog and she didn’t have 1.3 millions simply because she’s so pretty. Like Chiara, Kristina is one of the blogging powerhouses , from travelling to London for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show to going to paris for Paris fashion week, Kristina is really and truly living the life I can only dream of. Definitely check her out!

3.Carli Bybel (@Carlibel and @Thefashionbybel)

Youtube sensation Carli Bybel is definitely one to follow on Instagram, with around to 2.5 million followers combines on both her instagrams it’s no wonder that she is someone you must follow. Her amazing make up styles and fashion style make it impossible for one to not be jealous of her and also the fact that she seems to be one of the nicest people on earth.

4.Hayden Williams (@Hayden_williams)

Hayden Williams is a fashion illustrator who Rihanna took an interest in not too long ago giving him an ultimate boost on social media leading him to 1 million followers on instagram. Many celebrities re-post his images of them and it gets better- He does Disney collections too! If there is anything I love it is disney and fashion together!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.53.15

5.Rihanna (@Badgalriri)

Need I say more- Rihanna has been the Goddess of fashion since the end of 2014 – her make up has been flawless and so has her outfits , not that you would need instagram to know that. Being one of the biggest stars of today I barely know of anyone who doesn’t follow her – her 14.9 million followers being proof of this.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.54.11

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