5 things I definitely,DEFINITELY want to buy before I’m 30.

1.Louis Vuitton suitcase
I have never really been a big fan of Louis Vuitton but after becoming so obsessed with Kristina Bazan of Kayture and Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad. I have become INFATUATED with these suitcases. They have sold me, I want one…no I NEED one. I can just envision myself strutting through the middle of Heathrow Airport with this beauty behind me at a whopping price of £2,670 for the Zephyr 70 (excluding the monogram that I would totally get) it will definitely be a while before I get one.

2.A French Bulldog
If there is anything that I will definitely have before probably even the age of 25, its a dog. Despite literally hating dogs when I was younger, my sudden love for them literally came out from nowhere and eventually it developed into an obsession.As I am on a gap year, I often find myself bored and out of it watching reruns of Gossip Girl and/or Ugly Betty on Netflix, a dog would provide the attention that I need to give to something other than my MacBook. I mean, is it weird I have already named them?!

3.Classic Flap Chanel bag
Despite the fact that I have written definitely twice in the title. This is the one that despite me wanting for so many years I’m not sure. This is due to the fact that they use lambskin to make it and yes the bag is absolutely BEAUTIFUL but lambs are just so cute! I really don’t know! But as a meat eater I’m surprised about how conflicted I am over the whole situation- I really need to make up mine. I really wish they had a vegan one.

4.Hayden Williams drawings
I mean if you have not heard of Hayden Williams you must either have a non existent social life or literally been living under a rock.This man has talent! Knowing his back story as he is an acquaintance of my sister its so cool to hear of someone who puts so much passion into something they love.His prints are AMAZING like his disney collection is to die for. I don’t even know if he sells his prints but it its definitely one of my aims to get my hands on one.

5.Cartier Love Braclet
The most unrealistic out of the five and the one which I am least likely to get is the Cartier Love Bracelet. At a whopping £4000+ (note the plus) it is essentially the price of a small car. But the meaning behind it is what I find impressive. I first saw this bracelet on Kylie Jenner, who was literally wearing like 5, and no I did not immediately fall in love. But when I saw what they meant whilst on a break when I was at work I thought it was such a cute idea! The bracelet basically is like a symbol of love. You cannot take it off without a special screwdriver ,which can cost like £400, but it goes back to basics I think. Keep hold of what you’ve got. I am not hinting at anyone to get me this bracelet and if I was to get it I’d rather get it for myself. As cringe as it sounds if I bought it I would know that I really did love myself.


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