5 Movie scenes that will make you cry (Well at least me!)

1.The Final Scene from ‘Pochaontas.’

Considering that I had studied Native American history during my A-Levels, after years and years of watching the film and simply thinking of it as another Disney film , learning the behind story completely changed my perspective. Personally for me there are two scenes that make me tear up one of them being the scene where Pocahontas and John Smith first kiss,but I think that plays down to the music. I just happened to find an extended version of the final scene so if you have time take a look and see if you tear up too!


2. The final Scene from ‘The Theory of Everything’

Obviously being a film that is still in cinema , I don’t want to spoil this for anyone that is still going to watch it but the whole film is a tear-jerker itself. I won’t lie I didn’t exactly cry but my eyes did water up quite a few times but the end was where I felt myself slipping. The film gives you an insight not only into Stephen Hawkings life but also what it is like to live with someone with ALS,you literally see the process of it getting worse and worse during the whole film.

3.Ellie and Carls’ love story from UP

This is the one scene I can say I honestly cried at,I really tried not to but … I just couldn’t help myself. The music, the whole story behind everything was simply too much for me not to cry and the film is just the cutest thing ever! I also cried at the end. I really think the end scenes of movies make me emotional, I don’t know why! To be honest, I don’t really watch UP anymore cause it makes me sad.

4.Mufasa’s death from The Lion King

Does this even need explaining…like seriously.If you haven’t watched it, watch it.If you have, you MUST know what I’m talking about right?!

5.Romeo and Juliet meeting in ROMEO + JULIET

I think this is less to do with whats actually happening and more to do with the music. I mean seriously, ‘Kissing You’ by Desree is such a beautiful song, how can it not make you tear up?! It probably also has to do with the fact that I wish i was Claire Danes and meeting the love of my life AKA Leonardo DiCaprio at a dress up party in an angel costume.


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