Hi Guys, I know I have been gone for agess, but with uni, assignments and whatnot- I have been so occupied with so much but I have decided to come back bigger and better and whats better than a haul!

American Apparel Hoodie Dress (I got this in slate which has now sold out)

American Apparel white V-neck 

ASOS parka

Missguided Crepe Playsuit

Missguided Pocket jumper dress 

Missguided Crepe wrap dress

Missguided Motif T-shirt dress

Missguided long sleeve boyfriend t shirt

Missguided high neck jumbo rib bodysuit

Missguided long sleeve V-neck bodysuit

Missguided lace midi skirt

Adidas Honey 2.0 Low

I got more items, but they are now completely sold out!

Hope you enjoy it!




What would I wear to Vegas?

As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to visit America and for my 21st Birthday – I think there would be no place better than Las Vegas. With all the casino’s, clubs and shows , I’d never be stuck inside doing nothing. So many people I follow on social media (e.g Gigi Gorgeous and Lauren Elizabeth) have gone to Las Vegas and made it look like the best place ever! I logged on to the Vegas.com website, where I saw an AMAZING range of hotels (Especially great if you are interested in learning about the hotels and getting some insider tips! )– there is something for everyone! But the one in particular caught my eye. The cosmopolitan hotel– with its breath-taking views and amazing views, its like heaven rolled up into one place. I also loved the Flamingo hotel– it looks so extravagant with all the bright lights out front and the inside looks amazing too!

Below I have linked what I would wear if I was in Vegas for a birthday or something.




How amazing this playsuit – I literally love AQAQ for anything dressy cause its edgy and they have an amazing colour palette as well. The shoes are also so in style at the minute as well as being on sale which just makes it that much better. I was originally going to include a clutch but I think this outfit looks amazing without one to be honest, so I just decided to not include one!

To take a further look at the hotels or to book your stay in Las Vegas log on to Vegas.com!

I hope you enjoyed this post!


Soooooooo… I know I have been on and off with this blog but I hope along with my new starts in like (AKA Uni) I will totally start taking this blog more seriously. When I move into my new place next week , I will finally have a full size mirror (gasp!) so hopefully for the days when I am not in a VS Pink hoodie and jeans and decide to actually make an effort – I can finally show you pictures! *Cue yay from one person who reads my blog* Anyway moving forward, I got a few things from ASOS aka where I get everything and have decided to show you guys! Enjoy as this will probably be my last blog post until I move into my new uni room next week Sunday (19th September) .





Jacket  * No longer in the colour I ordered.

Shop of the moment: Dresslink.com

Hi Guys!

So I was recently contacted by Dresslink to be sent a few items to review for you guys – after browsing the website I noticed that there was a lot of items in the style misguided,daisy street and pretty little things but for wayyyyy cheaper.If you are on a budget , I’d definitely  recommend this website to you ,plus things run out super quick so order it as soon as you see it! I personally got two items which came up to UNDER £10! SO CHEAP RIGHT?! I literally spend like £10 on travel into London so you could imagine the shock on my face when I saw how cheap clothes were here! Moving on to what I actually bought – I got this amazing two piece for £4.86( BARGAIN OR WHAT?) and this even more amazing bikini (which came around at the right time as Im moving closer to a beach) for only £4.71 – guys, it does not get much better than this, YOU HAVE TO ORDER FROM THEM NOW!

Plus they currently have a $0.01 sale on items now- that is less than 1p – all you do is pay for shipping! If you want to be stylish on a budget then this is your salvation!

Thank you to dress link for sending me these items!

Five most fashionable films

What a title!

So I was thinking of what post I could put up today, then my friend who recently got braids was wearing a beret and saying how she felt like she looked like Dionne from Clueless as well as Poetic Justice, and it got me to thinking – what are my top five most fashionable moments in film and well, here they are!

1) Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I first watched this film earlier on in the year and I was in awe of Holly’s (Audrey Hepburn) wardrobe – She looks so effortlessly chic throughout the whole film , no wonder its so iconic!

2) Clueless

Only a small amount of films can stay relevant for so long and even a smaller amount can be so iconic for its fashion during a time where butterfly clips and toe rings were so popular – however, Clueless definitely defeated the odds , inspiring people to wear plaid suits and overalls once again!

3)Sex and the City

Love Carrie or not, there is a number outfits than she can pull off that no one else has been able to in my opinion. For me that stand outfits have to be her blue dress at her party for Charlotte and the wedding dresses she wore were just amazing- if only I could live her life.

4)The Birds

When I told my mum we were studying The Birds for film studies, she immediately remembered the all-green ensemble that Tippi Hedren wore for most of the duration of the film. I actually loved the way women used to dress in the 50s/60s – they used to get dressed up to go everywhere and although I do love jeans, there is something endearing about always looking like you just stepped off your own private jet.

5) Vertigo

Another Hitchcock film, this time with Kim Novak rather than Tipi Hedren. But for the most part – she looks absolutely stunning in this film- the long flowy skirts and square neck line just make the green with envy. The class that costumes exudes is simply amazing. Just look at the pictures and tell me for yourself!

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Five thing fridays: The return!i

This post is so overdue; I don’t actually know why I stopped blogging for so long; but I think i just fell out of touch with it- I am not going to make excuses and whatnot- instead I’ll just start posting again; this post is an update five people you should be following on Instagram- my last one was written a while ago and what I find aesthetically pleasing on Instagram has changed. So without further ado;

1.Murad Osmann (@Muradosmann)

Whilst most people of my age are more aware of Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren, what I am getting from Murad’s instagram is that he actually originated capturing essentially your whole relationship through photos and posting them on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Jay Alvarrez’ videos and posts however; there is just something about Murad Osmann’s instagram which makes me want to keep scrolling literally forever- his wedding pictures were absolutely beautiful and I also liked how he even had a behind the scene picture of it too!  Follow him here!

2.Triangl Swimwear(@triangl_swimwear)

If you dream of a life where you are constantly by the beach with the most amazing weather and most amazing body year round ; then this is the account to follow. With a staggering 2.7 million followers ( a lot more than established swimwear companies) the beautiful pictures on this account certainly live up to expectations. With every other picture being of a beach which literally looks like it could only ever be imagined and a model wearing their swimwear- this instagram account will certainly make you green with envy.

3.Eva Chen (@evachen212)

The former editor in chief of Lucky magazine and now reportedly the head of instagram fashion partnerships (a role I could only ever dream of) its no wonder that she is someone you must follow on instagram – her sense of style is impeccable, add that to the fact that her daughter Ren is like the cutest baby ever, it no wonder her life looks amazing in pictures.

4.California Donuts(@californiadonuts)

The real question here is , why do I follow an account which serves doughnuts which aren’t actually anywhere near I am. I ,myself, am still looking for the answer. However; this family run doughnut shop in California serve the most instagrammable doughnuts ever. If you are looking photogenic food; this is where you find it – it is literally my life long dream to get one of these but I live in London *sigh*

5.Disneyland (@Disneyland)

Anyone who knows me in real life, knows I have an uncanny obsession with anything Disney. From the films to the clothes – I love it all. Although I haven’t been to any of the parks in America (fingers crossed I will be going there soon) I have been to Eurodisney around 6 times and I still never get tired of it. Honestly for me, this account seems so carefree and drenched in positivity. Obviously , like most company instagram accounts , it is mainly used for marketing purposes but certainly doesn’t feel like that which makes that much more enjoyable to follow! If you love Disney like me you totally have to follow @ferdalump, her mum makes awesome outfits for her daughter, Lane and they are literally Disney every week!(ugh, I need her life)

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TV show of the moment : True Detective

So, I recorded the season 2 premiere of True Detective earlier on today and although it does seem slow, I do have high hopes. I have tried to watch Season 1, but I wasn’t really concentrating when I was watching it , so it kind of flew over my head. But, I do have massive respect for Matthew Mcconaughey and Woody Harrelson , so I will totally try to watch it again! True Detective is on Mondays at 9 on Sky Atlantic in the UK – if you are into The Blacklist,Criminal Minds that sort of program definitely watch it! Plus , season one and season 2 contain completely different story lines and characters so you do not have to watch season 1 to watch season 2 and vice versa. (P.S Season 2 is apparently a lot worse than season 2 which sucks)(P.S.S I am obsessed with Devious Maids which my friend told me to watch – if you like Ugly Betty, Jane the virgin, Desperate Housewives , that sort of thing WATCH IT!

Sorry this is so short, hope you enjoyed!

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